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August 2018


The digital agency Linkfactory got a long history of 16 years and counting. They primarily do development on Drupal and Typo3 solutions, but also provide design, UI and UX for their many clients. Their headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and they got a subdivision in Wroclaw, Poland. Both offices packed with qualified employees designing and building todays and future solutions.

MSChristensen - Linkfactory - case study - hero


The challenge with an agency website is always where to drive and guide the attention. Is it the casework, the services, or where should the attention go? For Linkfactory we decided to try and mix some of it together in a calm, clean and informative solution. Modernizing their current brand image into a current state. Updating everything to give the full agency experience.

MSChristensen - Linkfactory project visual


We decided to focus on our statement as an agency and slowly introduce visitors to our casework, services, job postings, and who we are as an agency. Using layers and depth to create stunning visuals for our casework and to update everything from casework, to news, to job postings. Bringing together the company and its new identity in a calm and clean environment. The visuals below are the final design I did for the agency website.

MSChristensen - Pengi - case study - hero


Design, UI and UX

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