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August 2018


Pengi is a sub-brand for Firstborn Capital. They specialize in digital solutions within the Fintech industry. Primarily focusing on offering unsecured consumer loans and bank loans through partnerships with leading financial companies and banks in Scandinavia.

MSChristensen - Pengi - case study - hero


The founders of Firstborn Capital wanted to get my insights and view on how I thought their sub-brand Pengi should be experienced. I had completely creative freedom, and before I got into the creative crafting part I went into a phase of research.

MSChristensen - Pengi project visual


By looking into the latest trends, opportunities, functionalities and competitors both in- and outside of the industry I had a good vision for them. But what really caught my attention was Google's Material Design. During the entire research phase I found animations/effects, typography, and much more, that I thought would make the best experience and also move Pengi into the future, where none of the competitors would be able to reach anytime soon. These visuals below are the final design that I did on the Pengi project. You can also view the full case study on Behance.

MSChristensen - Firstborn Capital - case study - hero

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