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August 2018

SuperBrugsen: Digital wine universe

SuperBrugsen is a Danish supermarket chain within the Coop organization in Denmark. Since 1991 SuperBrugsen has been one of the largest supermarket chains in Denmark. They have a keen focus on delivering great experiences for their customers by making their everyday shopping a new experience.

MSChristensen - SuperBrugsen: Digital wine universe - case study - hero


In this specific case SuperBrugsen wanted to improve the experience in their wine department with a digital solution. At the very beginning the agency had selected both Jos and I to create a visual solution for them. The only information we had was a sitemap and that they wanted to use a touchscreen, neither did we know which type of touchscreen they would be using. The reason why the agency had both of us creating a solution, was that we wanted to know which direction SuperBrugsen steered towards.

MSChristensen - SuperBrugesen project visual


In the beginning the layout were horizontal, but further into the process SuperBrugsen had selected a touchscreen, which was on a 55” vertical touchscreen (produckt number V550DTP). They settled on a mixture of both Jos’s and my design. I was put in charge of combining the elements that they liked into one solution. The visuals below are the final solution that I did on the project. You can also view the full case study I did on Behance.

MSChristensen - SPOTTHESPY - case study - hero


Brand identity, Design, UI and UX

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