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August 2018


SPOTTHESPY is a security application that helps the consumer gain awareness about their security options. The application is currently supporting Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn, but in the near future they plan to support more email and social media providers.

MSChristensen - SPOTTHESPY - case study - hero


In the past they have had different designers come and give their take and vision of how the application should be and how consumers should interact with the application. They contacted me with the desire of seeing my vision for them. They asked me to rethink their brand identity and digital solutions.

MSChristensen - SPOTTHESPY project visual


My goal with SPOTTHESPY was to get a combined, strong and solid brand identity, that was visible to the core of who they wanted to be and represent. The journey began by modernizing their brand icon and logo. It was here I came up with the fingerprint “S” icon, because what could be more personal to an individual than ones fingerprint. We all seen various crime series or movies and the fingerprint is nearly as good as a persons DNA itself. Which was why I thought this was the strongest I could make a security company standout. After their icon and logo I moved toward the application, took a ferm look and feel to the solution they had and with a bit of research I began visualizing the application. Here I believed that the use of imagery could and would deliver an unique experience to their flow. By matching the blurred background image with the kind of situation it was “representing”. Last but not I moved onto their website and did a redesign of that too. All of this to bring together a brand identity that was strong and someone consumers could relate to, when it was in regard to feeling secure. The visuals below are the final result I created for SPOTTHESPY. You can also view my full case study on Behance.

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