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August 2018


Molio is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of helping companies’ strengthen their competitiveness in construction, facilities and operation for the benefit of both the industry and our society. Their core qualifications are within digitalization, product development, learning, sales and markting, development, and user involvement. Their products and services are an example of those qualifications, and combined they set the best conditions for delivering the tools and products that are relevant to the industry.

MSChristensen - Molio - case study - hero


The BIPS and Byggecentrum companies had just merged into Molio. They required an agency they could help with combining their needs and new digital identity. At times this was a very hard task, because they had too many voices involved in the project, and it definitely complicated the entire project and its progress. Nevertheless, right after joining Linkfactory I was given the task to visualize the UX to PSD. Quite a large task, because of the amount of requirements, flows and its complexity with the setup they were running for the products and courses. We also had to work a lot around the responsive design and stages, because of their consumers, which mainly used tablet or desktop products.

MSChristensen - Molio project visual


In the end we were able to establish an identity and unfold it into the visuals providing them with an online presence and solution that met all of their needs. These visuals below are the final approved result after I handed it over to the developers.

MSChristensen - Dansk Markedsføring - case study - hero

Dansk Markedsføring

Design, UI and UX

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