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August 2018


The Arctic is undergoing immense and rapid transformations with climate change as the driving force increasing demand for scientific research and cooporation across borders. Isaaffik was established to create an online platform for collaboration, inspiration, synergies and creativity for research, education, consultancy and logistics. Today Isaaffik is an user driven platform supporting the research and collaborations across the Arctic. The word Isaaffik is Greenlandic for “gateway”.

MSChristensen - Isaaffik the Arctic gateway


Isaaffik wanted to update their online platform with the implementation of some new features and do an entire redesign to improve the experience for their many users contributing to the platform. The main challenge was to do the redesign while maintaining current functionality and adding new, and in extension to improve the UI and UX throughout the new design with a more modern direction.

MSChristensen - Isaaffik project visual


To reach the goal that Isaaffik dreamt about we had to update several elements on their platform. The first being their core platform structure for their pages and content. Secondly cleaning up unnecessary elements and content, and adding the new, while getting it all into a modern design that wouldn’t drift too far from their current identity. While restructuring the platform we also found it important to improve their menus, login, profile pages, search result pages, and much more. Here below you can see visualizations of the final design, that Isaaffik decided to run with.

MSChristensen - Bibelselskabet - case study - hero


Design, UI and UX

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