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August 2018


Independo is a sub brand for SPOTTHESPY. Their goal are much the same to help the consumer gain awareness about their security options. The application is currently supporting Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn, but in the near future they plan to support more email and social media providers.

MSChristensen - Independo - case study - hero


For Independo the owners of SPOTTHESPY wanted to create an application that had some of the same features as SPOTTHESPY, but with its own identity and other key features. Security brands are never easy to bring into todays competitive market. Therefore, I decided to move this brand identity and its solution into the flat design direction.

MSChristensen - Independo project visual


I decided to use the fingerprint once again, but with a flat design twist on it, so that the two brands did not distance themselves too far from each other. The visuals below are the final result that I did on the application and website.

MSChristensen - Westend London - case study - hero

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