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August 2018


Haveselskabet is a nationwide charitable association in Denmark for all those who care for the garden. They got about 30.000 members and are the publishing company behind the magazine Haven and its website They deliver advice, inspiration, tips and tricks for everyone who cares for their garden. They also make it possible for the Danes to get a clear view of all public and private open gardens around Denmark.

MSChristensen - Haveselskabet - case study - hero


Haveselskabet wanted to create an application for their subscribers and consumers, where they make it easier accessable to find public and privately own gardens open to the public, all around Denmark. This also included “like” functionality where the consumers could go to find their favourite content or locations. Also connected to their current website where the application would display their articles, blogs, and more. They wanted to do it in a new design direction that was a bit more modern, and in the near future merge their entire digital identity into the new one.

MSChristensen - Haveselskabet project visual


The application had two different user-journeys - one for the visitor and one for the subscribers. The hard part for this assignment was to figure out how far they were willing to go with their digital and general identity, because today their magazine got one identity and website another. I wanted to try and combine those a bit more to create a connection and recognition between their two products. These are the final and approved visuals that I did on the application.

MSChristensen - Coop: The Great Eco-experiment - case study - hero

Coop: The Great Eco-experiment

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