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August 2018

Firstborn Capital

As one of Scandinavias leading Fintech companies within the financial sector Firstborn Capital are experts in digital marketing and developing conversion-optimized brand-safe solutions. They focus on offering unsecured consumer loans and bank loans through partnerships with leading banks and financial companies.

MSChristensen - Firstborn Capital - case study - hero


When I went to my job interview at Firstborn Capital I had prepared a surprise for them. In the weekend leading up to the interview I did some research into the company, but the information that I was looking for did not exist. Therefore, I made a bold move, and that was to entirely redesign their website, so that made more sense to people that is in the unknown about who Firstborn Capital is, do and stand for. The interview itself went very well, and when we were about to reach the end I announced that I had made a redesign for them, and asked if they would be interested in seeing it. That really caught their attention (positively).

MSChristensen - Firstborn Capital project visual


They ended up with hired me, but when the day came and I looked at the redesign I had done, then I was not satisfied with it anymore. Therefore, I did another draft, and then another, before I was satisfied. In-between we discussed the entire website and design directions, and most of all who our users were. This case displays the visuals for last and final draft of their upcoming website (mockup version 4).

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Design, UI and UX

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