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August 2018

Dansk Markedsføring

During my internship at Konstellation (July - December, 2015) I was brought in to help with the digital transformation from UX to visualizing the design. As this was my first extensive and very elaborative digital design assignment, it was a great opportunity and experience to be involved.

MSChristensen - Dansk Markedsføring - case study - hero


When I was brought in the UX and a few pages had already been made by their team. Which meant, that they had prepared a great framework, in order for me to create, establish and visualize each page. The UX were only explained and unfolded for the desktop.

MSChristensen - Dansk Markedsføring project visual


The desktop version was the first task of this project. During the mobile transition I did not experience any difficulties once the unfolding took place. Furthermore, with the backing and guidance of a great digital mentor (Jos S. Holbak) I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and know-how during this assignment. My tasks given during this case were; visualize UX to PSDs for desktop and mobile, and redesign their newsletters for members and subscribers. These are some of the final visuals for the project. You can also view the full case study on Behance.

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SuperBrugsen: Digital wine universe

Design, UI and UX

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