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August 2018

Coop: The Great Eco-experiment

Coop is Denmark's largest organization within retail. With a lot of passion, support and commitment they have given themselves a huge green mission, which is to make the Danes twice as organic by 2020. One of their steps towards this goal, was to create the campaign “Det store ØKO-eksperiment” (The great ECO-experiment). The team behind this concept was the creatives at K&R lead by Clare McNally and Thomas Pries.

MSChristensen - Bibelselskabet - case study - hero


The concept behind the campaign had several competitions and elements combined into one solution for the client. My task was to create and combine everything into a digital solution for browsers, while keeping the brands identity and presence alive. The solution had to be implemented into an existing framework, which had its complications.

MSChristensen - Bibelselskabet project visual


Together with Clare and Thomas we found a solution to go with for the campaign and got great results and responses from Coop. Below you can see the final visuals for the campaign, and if you would like to view the full case study, then it is available on Behance.

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Concept development, Design, Development, UI and UX

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