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August 2018


The purpose of Bibelselskabet is to publish the Bible and biblical material and promoting biblical use. They also support international organisations with relation to biblical work. Bibelselskabet is a charitable institution that has har Majesty Queen Magrethe II as Protector.

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Bibelselskabet required a redesign and general update of their online platform, which mainly concerns a website with e-commerce and the entire Bible. As some may think, then yes, their website had many specific requirements in regard to its functionality. I was brought in after the UX had been established and my tasks was to transform the UX into visuals. Furthermore, to rethink some of their core functionality in order for them to have a website that was up to todays standards, and if possible take it a step further. Also to meet their requirements in regard of having an online Bible.

MSChristensen - Bibelselskabet project visual


First we had them decide on a design direction, where we put together three different visual solutions of how their online identity could be. Once an agreement on the direction was met I began unfolding all of the UX into PSD artboards for the different flows they had. It took me about a three weeks to a month to have all of their pages visualized mostly for desktop, but a few of them also for mobile and tablet. Here below are some of the desktop visuals for you to explore.

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Design, UI and UX

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