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Morten Stig Christensen

I am a digital designer from Copenhagen, Denmark. With a background in frontend design and development, my primary strength is within app and website design.

As I have mention I am looking for new opportunities, and I am not fixated on it only being in Denmark. It could really be anywhere in the world, but of cause in the end we would equally agree (with big smiles) that we are a great match for each other. Am I the one that you are looking for, then do not hessitate to contact me on morten.s.christensen [at]

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  • Experience

    May 2017 - Present Linkfactory A/S
    August 2016 - January 2017 Firstborn Capital
    January 2016 - June 2016 Konstellation & Republica
    August 2015 - December 2015 Konstellation (internship)
    September 2013 - July 2015 WorksOnline

    August 2014 - January 2016 BA in Digital Concept Development
    January 2011 - January 2013 AP in Multimedia Design & Communication

  • Recognition


    Awwwards Honourable Mention
    CSS Design Awards Special Kudos


    CSS Design Awards Special Kudos
    Web Design Pub Featured
    CSS Light Site of the Day


  • Jonas Krøis Damsted

    Co-Founder of Firstborn Capital

    “I have had the pleasure of working in close cooperation with Morten for nearly half a year. Morten was responsible for developing new design concepts and marketing creatives for some of the most innovative and fast-growing financial institutions in Northern Europe.

    His advanced skillset in the field of digital design combined with his background as front-end developer makes Morten a beneficial addition to any organization. He has a genuine interest in design and he appreciates to challenge Fintech decision makers to be innovative and forward-looking.

    Besides his obvious design skills, Morten is a funny and an all-around great colleague with a stable work attitude. His dismissal from Firstborn Capital is solely a result of a strategic cooperation with external resources.

    I truly wish Morten good luck in the future and would highly recommend him.”

  • Mikkel Rosener

    Co-Founder and Partner at Firstborn Capital

    “I had the plesure to work with Morten. He is a talented passionate designer. Always ready to push the boundaries for great design. I wish you all the best Morten.”

  • Clare McNally

    Creative Director at Kontellation & Republica

    “Morten worked in my department as a junior digital designer. He was methodical, dedicated and engaged in the projects he was assigned to. He was also fast and efficient. Morten is passionate about digital design and creating great UX. He fitted in well with our agency culture and was always willing to give a helping hand. He still has much to learn, but his eagerness and dedication are a great asset.”

  • Thomas Pries

    Creative Director at Kontellation & Republica

    “I've had the plesure to have Morten on my team. First of all, Morten is a nice guy, and he is very dedicated. Fortunately he is also very skilled within the field of design, and especially digital design. Morten takes great pride in staying up to speed with the newest tendencies and best practices. Given his past in front-end development, he is very good to build good relationship with the developers, which makes it a joy to have him on the team. Morten is very social, and he will never skip a friday bar. He probably drinks faster than you!

    All the best to you good man! See you in the bar.”

  • David Cytryn

    Senior Producer at Konstellation & Republica

    “For the past half year, I have worked intensively together with Morten on various projects including the new redesign for Huset Markedsføring - Dansk Markedsføring. This project had a high degree of complexity and was a huge site, where several areas within structure, processes and flows had to be rethought from the bottom - membership flow, payment, newsletters with more.

    Morten fearlessly approached the assignment - as a result ended up with him taking over the entire design process from one of our Senior Digital Designers, because we felt the case were in safe and good hands. His outputs are on a high level that you often forget that he is not a senior designer. Always with inputs and design considerations that you only expect from more heavy qualified designers.

    Morten is the kind of person that always stays updated on the newest opportunities within technology and the latest shifting trends, which provides him with an extra force in contributing with great concepts and ideas in regards to new requirements and procedures. Morten also understands Frontend development which provides him with an advantage when he designs, that he is constantly thinking in terms of how it should be coded or implemented. Additionally Morten was a socially engaged employee who greatly contributed to the culture of the place. Always with a positive attitude to work and colleagues. He has been a big asset to the design department and the company in general.

    It has been a pleasure to work with Morten, and I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again someday.”

  • Rune Bromer

    COO & Partner at Konstellation

    “I managed Morten directly at my time in Konstellation. Morten is a hard worker and a talented designer. He is also a funny and nice guy to work with.”

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